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Roman Imperial Coins, Severus II, Caesar, Follis 305-306, nearly xf

Römische Kaiserzeit, Severus II., Caesar, Follis 305-306, f.vz
Differenzbesteuert gem. §25a UStG, Excl. shipping

Product Description

Severus II, Caesar 305-306. AE-Follis 28 mm 305-306 Aquileia. Helmeted and cuirassed bust left, with spear and shield SEVERVS NOB CAES / VIRTVS AVGG ET CAESS NN Severus galloping right, spearing foeman; second foeman prostrate on ground; mintmark AQG. RIC 68a; nearly extremely fine, edge partly weakly struck; minor encrustation on obv.
expressive style of portrait; vivid depiction of the battle

Additional Information

Category 1 Roman Imperial Coins
Ruler Severus II, Caesar
Reign 305-306
Denomination Follis
Date 305-306
Mint Aquileia
Material AE
Condition nearly extremely fine
Supplement edge partly weakly struck; minor encrustation on obv.
Catalogue RIC 68a
Weight 7.61 g
Diameter 28 mm
Item Number 78449