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Federal Republic, Commemoratives, 100 Euro 2006, (COIN TYPE PICTURE), our choice, A-J, 15.55 g fine, FDC, J. 524

Bundesrepublik Deutschland, 100 Euro 2006, Weimar 
(ABBILDUNG MÜNZTYP), nach unserer Wahl, A-J, 15,55 g fein, st, J. 524
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Product Description

100 Euro 15.55 g fine, 2006 our choice, A-J. (COIN TYPE PICTURE). J. 524; GOLD, mint state, current price
with certificate and box

Additional Information

Category 1 German Coins Since 1871
Category 2 Federal Republic
Category 3 Commemoratives
Denomination 100 Euro
Date 2006
Mint our choice, A-J
Material Gold
Condition mint state
Supplement current price
Catalogue J. 524
Weight 15.55 g
Fine weight 15.55 g fine
Fineness 1000
Item Number 25633