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Ionia, Erythrai, Bronze approx. 400 BC, nearly vf

Ionien, Erythrai, Bronze ca. 400 v.Chr.,

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Product Description

Bronze 10 mm approx. 400 BC. Head of Herakles right, wearing lions skin / Forepart of bull right, club behind. SNG Aul. 1947var.; nearly very fine, dark green patina

Additional Information

Category 1 Greek Coins
Category 2 Ionia
Category 3 Erythrai
Denomination Bronze
Date approx. 400 BC
Material AE
Condition nearly very fine
Supplement dark green patina
Catalogue SNG Aul. 1947var.
Catalogue 2 SNG Cop. 565var.
Weight 1.09 g
Diameter 10 mm
Item Number 41120