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Roman Provincial Coins, Phrygia, Apameia, Vespasian, AE, vf

Römische Provinzialprägungen, Phrygien, Apameia, Vespasianus, Bronze, ss
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Product Description

Vespasian 69-79. AE-AE. Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust r. / Bundle of five ears of corn. SNG Aul. 3491; very fine
black patina

Additional Information

Category 1 Roman Provincial Coins
Category 2 Phrygia
Category 3 Apameia
Ruler Vespasian
Reign 69-79
Denomination AE
Material AE
Condition very fine
Catalogue SNG Aul. 3491
Catalogue 2 RPC 1389
Weight 11.07 g
Item Number 61453