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Roman Imperial Coins, Licinius II, Follis 317-320, nearly xf

Römische Kaiserzeit, Licinius II., Follis 317-320, f.vz

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Product Description

Licinius II 317-324. AE-Follis 19 mm 317-320 Alexandria. Cuirassed Bust left, wearing helmet, holding spear and shield DN VAL LICIN LICINVS NOB C / IOVI CONSERVATORI Naked Jupiter standing l., chlamys across l. shoulder, holding sceptre with eagle and idol of Victory on globe, at his feet in field left eagle standing left, head r., wreath in beak, in field right captive on ground right, head l.; mintmarks in exergue SMALB, in field right X - IIG. RIC 30; nearly extremely fine, brown patina
handsome cuirassed portrait

Additional Information

Category 1 Roman Imperial Coins
Ruler Licinius II
Reign 317-324
Denomination Follis
Date 317-320
Mint Alexandria
Material AE
Condition nearly extremely fine
Supplement brown patina
Catalogue RIC 30
Weight 3.48 g
Diameter 19 mm
Item Number 62284