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Macedonia, Kingdom of Macedonia, Time of Philip V and Perseus, Tetrobol 184-179 BC, vf-xf

Makedonien, Königreich, Autonome Prägung z. Z. Philipp V. u. Perseus, Tetrobol 184-179 v.Chr., ss-vz

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Product Description

Time of Philip V and Perseus 221-168 BC. Tetrobol 15 mm 184-179 BC Pella or Amphipolis. Macedonian shield, in centre club and MAKE / Macedonian helmet, in field monograms. SNG Cop. 1282var.; very fine to extremely fine
Macedonia under Roman Rule
  • Minted without naming the King's name
  • At this time the Macdonian Kingdom was already under Roman rule

Additional Information

Category 1 Greek Coins
Category 2 Macedonia
Category 3 Kingdom of Macedonia
Ruler Time of Philip V and Perseus
Reign 221-168 BC
Denomination Tetrobol
Date 184-179 BC
Mint Pella or Amphipolis
Material Silver
Condition very fine to extremely fine
Catalogue SNG Cop. 1282var.
Weight 2.43 g
Diameter 15 mm
Item Number 89943