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Emperor Franz Joseph I.

Franz Joseph I.

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Product Description

Franz Joseph I 1848-1916. 10 Kronen 19 mm 3.05 g fine, 1909. Type Marschall. Bare head right / Crowned double eagle. Friedb. 512; GOLD, extremely fine
Emperor Franz Joseph I.
  • Type Marschall
In 1909, the image of the emperor on coins was changed. The head is now bare, no longer adorned by a laurel wreath. As a curiosity the 10-Kronen gold coin exists in two variants. The first variant with the narrower head was originally designed by Rudolf Marshall for the commemorative coins od 1908. The second version was designed by medalist Stefan Schwartz. He had such a good reputation as an artist, that he was allowed to sign the coin with his name below the head of the emperor.

Additional Information

Category 1 Holy Roman Empire - Austria
Category 2 Austria, Empire
Ruler Franz Joseph I
Reign 1848-1916
Denomination 10 Kronen
Date 1909
Material Gold
Condition extremely fine
Catalogue Friedb. 512
Catalogue 2 KM 2815
Weight 3.39 g
Fine weight 3.05 g fine
Fineness 900
Diameter 19 mm
Item Number AG17818