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Roman Republican Coins, Sextus Pompeius Magnus, Denarius 42-40 BC, good xf

Römische Republik, Sextus Pompeius Magnus, Denar 42-40 v.Chr., vz+

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Product Description

Sextus Pompeius Magnus died 35 BC. Denarius 19 mm 42-40 BC Sicily. Head of Cn. Pompeius Magnus right, between jug and lituus MAG PIVS IMP ITER / PRAEF CLAS ET ORAE MARIT EX S C Neptune standing left, holding aplustre, placing foot on prow, between the brothers Anapias and Amphinomus with their fathers on their shoulders. Cr. 511/3a; good extremely fine
terrific portrait of Pompeius Magnus
Sextus Pompeius was the son of Pompey the Great from his third marriage. After his father had been defeated by Caesar in 48 BC Sextus continued to fight against Caesar and was finally captured and murdered in 35 BC. His base was located on Sicily. The Sicilian myth of the brothers Anapias and Amphinomus, who saved their parents from Mount Etna's eruption, is an allusion for the pietas of children for their parents. Mount Etna's eruption is symbolized by Neptune who was also responsible for earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Additional Information

Category 1 Roman Republican Coins
Ruler Sextus Pompeius Magnus
Reign died 35 BC
Denomination Denarius
Date 42-40 BC
Mint Sicily
Material Silver
Condition good extremely fine
Catalogue Cr. 511/3a
Catalogue 2 Syd. 1344
Weight 3.78 g
Diameter 19 mm
Item Number 77066