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Baktria and India, Kingdom of Baktria, Eukratides, Obolos 171-135 BC, good vf

Baktrien und Indien, Königreich Baktrien, Eukratides, Obol 171-135 v.Chr., ss+
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Product Description

Eukratides 170-155 BC. Obolos 11 mm 171-135 BC. Bust right, wearing boeotian helmet / Caps of the Dioscuri, palm branches behind, monogram below. Mitch. 181a; good very fine

Additional Information

Category 1 Greek Coins
Category 2 Baktria and India
Category 3 Kingdom of Baktria
Ruler Eukratides
Reign 170-155 BC
Denomination Obolos
Date 171-135 BC
Material Silver
Condition good very fine
Catalogue Mitch. 181a
Weight 0.61 g
Diameter 11 mm
Item Number 50204