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Roman Republican Coins, Caius Iulius Caesar, Denarius 49-48 BC, xf

Römische Republik, Caius Iulius Caesar, Denar 49-48 v.Chr., vz

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Product Description

Caius Iulius Caesar 100-44 BC. Denarius 20 mm 49-48 BC Military mint. Elephant r., trampling gallic carnyx CAESAR / Pontifical emblems (culullus, aspergillum, axe and apex). Cr. 443/1; extremely fine, decentered; pressure mark at edge
rich in detail depiction of the elephant
Caesar paid his soldiers with these coins during the civil war against Pompey the Great. The elephant scrunching the dragon-snake is symbolising the fight of good versus evil. The priestly implements symbolise Caesar's function as Pontifex Maximus (High Priest).

Additional Information

Category 1 Roman Republican Coins
Ruler Caius Iulius Caesar
Reign 100-44 BC
Denomination Denarius
Date 49-48 BC
Mint Military mint
Material Silver
Condition extremely fine
Supplement decentered; pressure mark at edge
Catalogue Cr. 443/1
Catalogue 2 Syd. 1006
Weight 3.85 g
Diameter 20 mm
Item Number 83476